New Music! “Sabbath Anthem” (PLAY)
by Producer Alvin White II, Soloist – Mother Shelia R. White, Speaker – Jr. Asst. Pastor Tilden J. Dunn, Sr. and Co-Writer Candice White
WE BELIEVE (see Scriptures below)

SCRIPTURES & Nazarene All Nations Church Beliefs (Zoom in)

  • We Believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
  • We Believe in the Ten Commandments which God wrote with His own finger.
  • We Believe in Conversion, Sanctification, and Being Filled with the Holy Ghost.
  • We Believe in the Seventh Day Sabbath, according to the Ten Commandments.
  • We Believe in Water Communion, and Water Baptism, and Feet Washing.
  • We Believe in eating Clean Meats and drinking Clean Drinks.
  • We Believe in Dressing as Becoming Holiness.
  • We Believe in all females Covering their head while praying, prophesying or in the House of the Lord.
  • We Believe in Women Preachers.
  • We Believe in paying Ten Percent of our income (Tithes).
  • We Believe in the Three Feast Days which God commanded His people to keep: PASSOVER (April 14th), PENTECOST (June 6th), and INGATHERING (October 15th).
  • We Believe in the marriage between a Natural man and a Natural woman.
  • We Believe in being a NAZARENE.
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