New Music! “Sabbath Anthem” (PLAY)
by Producer Alvin White II, Soloist – Mother Shelia R. White, Speaker – Jr. Asst. Pastor Tilden J. Dunn, Sr. and Co-Writer Candice White

ABOUT USNazarene All Nations Church

Founders: Bishop Steven K. Butler, Sr. & Mother Jimmie W. Butler


Rev. Dr. Sherman J. Butler, Sr.,Sr. Pastor & Elect Lady Rhonda Butler


Deacon Steven K. Butler, of Risen Holy Nazarene Church, was ordained Minister in 1965.In 1970 Minister Steven K. Butler, Mother Jimmie Butler, and Mother Ola Washington started a prayer band in the home of Brother and Sister Anderson on the west side of Chicago. It grew so large until they had to move. Brother and Sister Garnell told them about their nephew’s building on Wilcox. They rented the basement. In 1971 Nazarene All Nations Church was organized. The basement became too small. They had to move. Sister Cinderella Gross discovered a building at 6500 South Ashland Avenue.
They purchased this building and reconstructed it into a church. Within three (3) years it was paid for in FULL. They later purchased two (2) adjacent lots and another building at 6508 South Ashland Avenue. This building was renovated and designed into their new Church home for Nazarene All Nations Church. In 1986, Nazarene All Nations Church began radio broadcasting, onWWCA-1270AM. Pastor Steven K. Butler, Sr. and wife, Mother Jimmie W. Butler were a great help to many souls. Mother Butler often testified of how the Lord healed her of Tuberculosis, stating that when the Lord delivered her it was as if she bathed in the Blood of the Lamb (Jesus). She worked, doing service unto the Lord, for many years, until the Lord called her to glory in 2000.
In 1990, Pastor Steven K. Butler, Sr. (and wife, Mother Jimmie W. Butler) organized the Feed the Hungry Program, with the aid of Bro. O.J. Cunningham of United Methodist Church (in Dekalb, IL). Many children were afforded the opportunity to visit a bountiful farm in Dekalb (IL) – rewarded with visits to the pumpkin patch and given a pumpkin (as a gift for home). Being inspired by Pastor Steven K. Butler’s Community Outreach Program (West Englewood – Chicago, IL), Bro. Cunningham encouraged Farmers and members of the Dekalb (IL) community to donate large amounts of goods to the West Englewood community – playing a major role in combating hunger in the underprivileged area of Chicago, IL. This collaboration between Nazarene All Nations Church (led by Pastor Steven K. Butler, Sr.) and Bro. Cunningham of United Methodist Church continued for several years – until the Dekalb (IL) program’s end. Pastor Steven K. Butler, Sr. continued feeding, clothing and aiding the West Englewood Community until the Lord called him home to glory in 2015!
Four (4) years later, in July 1994, Pastor S. K. Butler, Sr. organized the Chicago District Ministers Alliance for Youth. In 1995 Nazarene All Nations Church purchased 6510 South Ashland . In that same year, the church organized the Nazarene All Nations Church Food and Clothing Pantry. Afterwards, in March 1, 1998, he organized the Nazarene and Commandment Keeping Presbyterian Board (Incorporated in Illinois, and registered as a Not-For-Profit organization).
In 1999, Pastor Steven K. Butler, Sr. was ordained Bishop, overseeing six (6) churches and one(1) outreach ministry (located in Illinois, Indiana and Brookhaven, Mississippi – God’s House of Prayer (NAZARENE)). During September of 1989, Minister Sherman J. Butler, Sr. was placed in the body as Assistant Pastor of Nazarene All Nations Church.
In the 1990s, Minister Sherman Butler, Sr. formed a Gospel Youth Band (“The Nazarene Band – Instruments of Praise”) and in 1999, the “Instruments of Praise” received a nomination for the “Prestigious Gospel Music Award”. In the year 2000, the Nazarene All Nations church website ( was developed. On April 14, 2001, Minister Sherman J. Butler, Sr. was installed as Pastor of the Nazarene All Nations Church. Pastor Sherman J. Butler, Sr. often testifies of how the Lord revealed he had a calling on his life, as a young man, and further, how the Lord delivered him from a brain tumor. In that same year, the Nazarene All Nations Church Newsletter program began. In January of 2003, Bishop Steven K. Butler, Sr. organized the Chicago Nazarene School of Theology (chartered in Springfield, Illinois).
Nazarene All Nations Church completed its last phases of the building of their new edifice (the ground-breaking process began March of 2008). The edifice is open as a place of worship and praise, in this Nazarene way. Many souls have been delivered, saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost, received jobs, homes, vehicles, through the prayers of the Saints, at Nazarene All Nations Church. Bishop Steven K. Butler, Sr. indeed testifies, of how, while working for the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) years ago, six hundred (600) volts of electricity went through his hand out his foot, but God brought him through. What a mighty God we serve!
In 2011, Rev. Dr. Sherman J. Butler Sr. wrote his first book, “Deliverance! My Story, Your Victory.” In 2013, his on air ministry began and can be heard on WBGX 1570AM – Chicago Fridays, 930-945pm, “15 Minutes of Truth”. 
In 2015, N.A.N.C. began broadcasting services via LIVESTREAM, and can be viewed weekly.
On June 6, 2016, Jr. Pastor Salandra (“SalSax” – a Renown Gospel Saxophonist) Butler, Jr. was set in the body as Jr. Pastor of Nazarene All Nations Church, along with Minister Tilden J. Dunn, Sr. (as Asst. Jr. Pastor Dunn), and Minister Susan Turner (now Associate Pastor Turner). N.A.N.C. continues to serve the West Englewood Community in Chicago through meals, service, scholarship (Mattie L. Branch Scholarship Foundation – separate 501c3 entity) and programs.
In 2016, Rev. Dr. Sherman J. Butler, Sr. began a “Deliverance Crusade” (see Events). Rev. Dr. Butler has focused his ministry on SPIRITUAL DELIVERANCE. Pastor Sherman believes that “Everyone has something they can be delivered from” …he has helped Thousands receive their Deliverance as he has MINISTERED (Pastor – 15 Years) for over 30 YEARS in CHURCHES and CONFERENCES throughout the country – and through his INTERNET & RADIO (WBGX 1570AM Fridays 915-930pm) MINISTRIES . Rev. Dr. Sherman J. Butler, Sr. has a doctoral degree and is presently works helping youth from disadvantaged socio-economical backgrounds in Chicago,
 IL. He’s using his education to help others, 
In December 2017, Rev. Dr. Sherman J. Butler, Sr. performed at his first LIVE ALBUM RECORDING! His digital album was entitled, “I Surrender”. The gift of music continued to flow as sometime after, Evangelist Mother Shelia R. White also released a gospel album entitled, “IT’S TIME”. She has testified that it was thirty years in the making, but she waited on the LORD! Both albums and the 2021, “SABBATH ANTHEM” (gospel song on keeping teh Sabbath featuring Evangelist Mother Shelia R. White, Jr. Assistant Pastor Tilden J. Dunn, Sr. and written by Alvin White II and wife Candice White) were produced by Mother White (and Trustee Alvin White, Sr.) son, Chief Musician Alvin White II. What a MIGHTY GOD of generational blessings! Jr. Pastor Salandra Butler, Jr. has also released digital gospel music (“I PLAY 4 U”). N.AN.C. has Authors  see LIBRARY for music purchases !

In 2021, the website was upgraded and now includes a mobile app! Many more blessings took place in 2021, namely the “Youth on the Move” Project (by Sis. Stephanie Fields and Chief Musician Alvin White II) The IMPACT Center also serves as Community Youth Outreach Center for Thanksgiving meals and more! Also, Rev. Dr. Sherman J. Butler, Sr. MARCHED AGAINST VIOLENCE in Chicago in 2021 – highlighted in 316 Magazine, Chicago. Photos of both events are highlighted on Next Pages.​

During Ingathering 2021, Pastor Jeff Ward, Sr. (Beacon Holy Nazarene Church) nominated Rev. Dr. Sherman J. Butler, Sr. (Sr. Pastor, N.A.N.C.) as “Bishop Elect”. We are looking forward to an anointed Pentecost 2022 Ordination service. Hallelujah!

It is 2021, and YES! Nazarene All Nations Church continues to serve the West Englewood Community in Chicago through outreach, meals, service, scholarship (Mattie L. Branch Scholarship Foundation – separate 501c3 entity) and programs.
Nazarene All Nations Church | 6500 S. Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60636  | (773) 778-8500 ph.|