Greetings Sabbath Keepers,
We have set up a Double Good virtual fundraiser! It’s 100% contactless, we keep 50% of the profit and the product ships directly to your supporters.
We’ll each create a Pop-Up Store and sell Double Good ultra-premium popcorn! Prices for Signature Bags (5 cups each) start at $9, and Curated Collections at $26. The popcorn is delicious and award-winning!
Our fundraiser begins on February 24 and goes until February 28.
Before the fundraiser begins:
1. Download the Double Good app
2. Enter our Event Code ZDFVEI in the app
3. Create your Pop-Up Store
4. SHARE SHARE SHARE! via text, email, social media…. family/friends/coworkers
Please use this italic description in your pop-up store to let everyone know about the organization.
Sabbath Keepers United Fellowship is a Chicago based 501c3 organization serving families across the city of Chicago. Led by Bishop Sherman J. Butler Sr. , our goal is to unite Sabbath Keeping Churches and develop a greater understanding of our ministries. Our mission is to establish a SKUF hospital, nursing home, and housing for low-income residents. To establish a center for learning and development, and Bible institute. Our vision is to bring more people and churches into the knowledge of the sabbath.
Be sure to follow our FACEBOOK PAGE and INSTAGRAM PAGE
Fundraiser BONUS!
Sell $300 = Waved convocation fee. 
Sell $600 – $900 = Waved convocation fee, small SKUF swag bag
Sell $1200 – $1500 = Waved convocation fee, large SKUF swag bag
Sell $1600 = Waved convocatiOn fee, large SKUF swag bag, 1 night stay at the hotel where the convocation is being held. 
The Double Good app is available for free on iOS and Android.
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